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If you want want to pay with a Bridge card or EBT card, give us a call at (313) 592-4656.

If you want to pay with your credit card, we accept credit cards in the store and online.   You can use your credit card to send electronic payments to Taste and See Bakery.   Perhaps you are leaving a deposit for a wedding cake or maybe you just want to send us money.

You can also your credit card to buy gift certificates.   Let's say you have a friend or loved one who enjoys the sweeter side of life.   Give him or her a Taste and See Bakery gift certificate which can be redeemed for any product.   We curently have birthday gift certifcates.   Other gift certificate types are coming soon.

Send a payment to Taste and See Bakery

Buy a Birthday Gift Certificate

cards accepted at Taste and See Bakery