2016 National Capital Area Cake Show and Some Frosting Tips!

Last year, around this time, my mom, my little sister, and I attended the 2016 National Capital Area Cake Show.  I had never heard of a cake show before.  I had just started getting interested in cake decorating, and at the time I never saw myself baking for parties or weddings.  It is crazy to see how far I’ve come in a year!

The cake show we attended is held in Fairfax Virginia every spring.  While there, we attended classes and learned some handy tricks, as well as look at beautiful cakes, which I will share in a bit.  There are many divisions of cakes, such as weddings, sea themes, forest themed, etc… there are also different age divisions.  I was very impressed with every cake/cupcake I saw.

One of the main things that I learned, that stuck with me, was about frosting and piping.  Frosting cakes can get very messy, especially when its warm, and your hands are getting tired and sweaty.  The frosting gets everywhere, and I know, it gets stressful, especially when your on a tight schedule.  It can be hard to get the frosting into your piping bag.

An easier way to do this is to plop your frosting right onto a square of plastic wrap!  Wrap up your frosting and slide the end of your plastic wrap through your bad to the end of your piping tip, continue to pull the plastic wrap all the way out and you will find that your frosting has made it into your piping bag with no mess!

Another way to get frosting into your bag without a mess is using a cup!  I prefer this way.  Prepare your piping bag by putting your bag into a cup of the same size, fold the top of your bag over the sides of the cup and scoop your frosting into your bag.  This is an easy way to make sure you have no frosting on the outside of your bag or falling out over the top and all over your hands.  I also suggest not to fill your bag too full or you will have trouble keeping the frosting in!

There will be another cake show this spring. I am hoping to attend again and maybe even enter an exhibit! For more information visit http://cakeshow.org.

Here are some pictures of the cakes we saw