My First Wedding!

Last weekend I got the opportunity of baking for my very first wedding!!! It was a wedding of many firsts, including gluten free baking. It was such a incredible experience and I learned so much! In the past, I have baked for baby showers, parties, and a various number of other events but I had never seen myself baking for a wedding! It had never even crossed my mind that I would bake for a wedding.

I had the privilege of baking for my friends parents wedding. Not only was it my first wedding, I knew the people I was baking for, and had great relationships with them! Not only did I know the people, the bride and her children were gluten free, so I had to bake everything using a flour I was not familiar with. And if that wasn’t enough already, I was baking a carrot cake, a cake I had never baked before, AND I also baked 120 cupcakes!!! I baked five different flavors of cupcakes!

I honestly do not know how I did it, reading that and thinking about it stresses me out. It was quite the crazy weekend.

The wedding was Saturday at 2:00. I had to arrive at noon to set everything up. After writing out all that had to be done I estimated ten to twelve hours of baking time. I decided it would be best to stay home from school on Friday and bake.

Friday morning I woke up around nine and got right to work! I started by mixing up the vanilla cake, I got the cupcakes into the oven in no time! by 9:30 the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were in the oven and baking. Around 11:00 I had all five flavors of cupcakes into the oven and baking. Luckily we have a double oven! I had never baked a carrot cake before, so it took a little longer to bake the carrot cake. It went better than expected and by 12:00 I had the carrot cake in the oven! 

My friend Jessie came over and helped me clean up and re-disinfect everything so I could start working on the frosting. Luckily, I only had to make two different frostings, vanilla buttercream, and cream cheese. I made the buttercream frosting first. I had to make over 14 cups of frosting so I could pipe different designs on 10 dozen cupcakes.

By 4:30 I had all my frosting on my cupcakes!

The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes had four different flower designs.

The mint cupcakes had a simple swirl with mint leafs on top.

The lemon cupcakes had a pretty swirl with lemon zest sprinkled on top. 

And the strawberry cupcakes had fresh strawberries on top!

 The cake took a long time to decorate even tho it was simple because of the frosting I used. I used a cream cheese frosting. With a buttercream frosting the butter hardens the frosting, but cream cheese doesn’t stiffen up like butter. When I cover a cake in fondant the frosting has to be hard to the touch and I was having trouble getting the frosting to firm up. I had to place the cake in the fridge for an hour before I could finish covering it in fondant. 

I finally finished the cake and all the finishing touches on the cupcakes around 7:00.


Over all this truly was such an Incredible experience! The wedding was beautiful and I received so much positive feedback! It was definitely worth all the stress and time. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Traubert for this opportunity! <3  

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding. . .