Upcoming and Updates

Hey guys! I would like to start off by saying sorry. With the summer, and starting Liberty Online, and now dance and work, I have just had no time to be posting or baking! It is truly crazy how fast time flies by! Hopefully this fall I will get back into baking and working on my website! I am going to briefly explain what I have been doing this summer, what I am hoping to accomplish this year and what you can expect in the next few months! Feel free to contact me if you have further questions!

This spring I was accepted into Liberty University’s ‘Associates of Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies’ online program. I started working on my associates degree over the summer and have almost already completed my fourth class. Being an online college student is exciting, but it can be a lot of work and it is very stressful at times. It is also very time consuming, hence the reason I have not been posting or baking much.

Over the summer I went camping for a week to Creation Music Festival, I went on a missions trip to Garfield Park, Chicago, I flew to Barbados for a week, I went to the beach and, just got back from a weekend in Canaan. So as you can see, I have been very busy!

Even though I am extremely busy, I have still planned for my businesses’ future. I am very excited to announce that I will now sell pies! Something I have been working on is a new “Pie” section. I have wanted to expand my menu for a long time, but I needed start my business off small. With the holiday season coming up, pies will be more popular and will hopefully bring in business! I have experience in baking pies and I am hoping they will sell as well as my cakes. I loves pies and I hope you do too! Check out my new pie page!

Please share this post and help spread the word as I try to grow my business!